Stretching across Atlantic Street, between Dock Street and the Metro North/Atlantic Street Bridge, are two bridge spans that are under final construction before being rolled into place in 28 days starting June 28-July 8, 2019. Clearly visible from the train and also from the street level, these two concrete-reinforced steel spans, rest atop temporary trestles. The steel girders, fabricated off site, were arranged at a specific ‘skew angle’ to accommodate the unique layout of the bridge, which is narrower on the southern side and wider at the northern side. Rebar reinforces the structure and the formwork allows for the concrete pour to cover the girders, hence forming the smooth deck surface.


Once the concrete is cured, the railroad ties and ballast will be laid on the cured deck. Special transporters will lift and move the spans, one by one, to the designated location. One span will be installed on the west side of the bridge and the other will connect to it on the east side. These spans will carry Tracks #2 and #4. After the spans are installed, work will continue on the decks to connect the rail, install the new railroad ties and compact the ballast. Rail service is expected to return to operational on Tracks #2 and 4 by Tuesday, July 2 at 5am. Work continues on Tracks #1, 3 and 5 when the north side spans are rolled into place July 4 and July 6.


Motorists, pedestrians, commuters and the traveling public are advised that during the 9 day roll in period, there will be intermittent local road closures, detours, pedestrian detours and special Metro North service bulletins.