Construction of the new Metro-North/Atlantic Street bridge progresses under the railroad tracks with excavation and drilling piles for the new bridge center pier. Because the new bridge is wider and longer than the existing bridge, a center pier is required to support the new spans. With Atlantic Street remaining closed under the bridge, the construction crew is able to excavate to the required depth in order to drill 96 micropiles for the pier foundation. Once the piles are drilled, the pier will be reinforced with re-bar and concrete will be poured to form the pier.


The pier will have the same simulated stone masonry pattern as the abutments and retaining wall for a cohesive look.


After the bridge is rolled in, roadway work to improve operational efficiencies continues on Atlantic Street. The street will be widened to accommodate 3 Southbound and 3 Northbound lanes, with dedicated turning lanes. The center pier installation allows for Atlantic Street to be lowered, thereby creating a new clearance of 14’6” to better accommodate emergency and  commercial vehicles and improve connectivity from Stamford’s South End to downtown.


The new bridge is expected to be rolled into place during a 9 day period starting June 28 through July 8, 2019 and the roadway work continuing until September 8, 2019 when all roads are expected to re-open.