Footings for bridge superstructure at North Assembly Area

Installing re-bar for bridge deck construction

H-piles rise high for supporting the new retaining wall on S. State Street.

Micro-piles will be installed to support the new bridge abutments

View from S. Side of Bridge through the construction area




Track 3 Jump Span Install

Under Track 4 & 2 West jump span

Excavation under Tracks 4 & 2, West Side

Lagging under West side jump span

Walers and struts under jump span

Excavator ready to dig under East Side jump spans

A new retaining wall will be built to support the new Track #7

Pile driving along Wall 106 for new retaining wall

Drill Rig on S. State Street at Wall 106

North Assembly Area

North Assembly Area

Removing Top Soil North Assembly Area

Track pads ready for laydown, June 2018

Rail equipment in laydown area June 2018

Excavation begins, West Side jump span

Train crossing West Side jump span on Track 4

Track 1 outage to install jump spans, Sept. 2018

Excavation under Tracks, east side, October 2018

Under Track 4 & 2 West jump span




Track 3 during jump span installation

135-326 Project pics Aug2016
135-326 Project pics Aug2016
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