Project No. 135-326 PHASE 1

Summary of Work included in Phase 1:

• Utility corridor (pipes jacked under Metro-North Railroad)
• Relocation of IMS along I-95 North to I-95 South, relocation of I-95 NB Exit 8 off ramp and construction of new ramp bridge over Atlantic Street.
• Retaining Walls along I-95 and South State Street
• Widening of South State Street and raising of its grade between Atlantic and Canal streets.
• Traffic signals at Atlantic Street (ramp closed), at new ramp/South State Street, and South State Street/Canal Street
• Sanitary sewer and drainage in South State Street and Canal Street
• Relocate Catenary Structure 370B and other catenary adjustments

Construction began in April 2016 and concluded in June 2018.

Project No. 135-301/301-163 PHASE 2

Summary of Work included in Phase 2:

• Replacement of Metro-North Railroad bridge over Atlantic Street
• Retaining walls along South State Street
• Lowering of Atlantic Street and South State Street at bridge location
• Utility work in Atlantic Street
• Catenary improvements, new Track 7, new platform and dedicated stairways

Construction began in June 2018 and is expected to continue through November 2020.