Project No. 135-326 PHASE 1

Summary of Work included in Phase 1:

• Utility corridor (pipes jacked under Metro-North Railroad)
• Relocation of IMS along I-95 North to I-95 South, relocation of I-95 NB Exit 8 off ramp and construction of new ramp bridge over Atlantic Street.
• Retaining Walls along I-95 and South State Street
• Widening of South State Street and raising of its grade between Atlantic and Canal streets.
• Traffic signals at Atlantic Street (ramp closed), at new ramp/South State Street, and South State Street/Canal Street
• Sanitary sewer and drainage in South State Street and Canal Street
• Relocate Catenary Structure 370B and other catenary adjustments

Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2016 and continue through June 2018. Additional time may be required to complete utility relocation.

Project No. 135-301/301-163 PHASE 2

Summary of Work included in Phase 2:

• Replacement of Metro-North Railroad bridge over Atlantic Street
• Retaining walls along Metro-North and South State Street
• Lowering of Atlantic Street and South State Street at bridge location
• Utility work in Atlantic Street
• Catenary improvements, new Track 7, new platform and dedicated stairways

Construction is scheduled to begin in June 2018 and continue through November 2020.